Renewing Your Wedding Vows


Are you thinking of renewing your wedding vows in paphos, cyprus

Maybe you have booked your Holiday in a Hotel/Villa to renew your wedding vows in Paphos / Cyprus and thinking to have a small Ceremony personal to either yourselves or a large family/friends gathering. Maybe you had a large “White Wedding Day” and would now like to “Renew your Vows” in an intimate style Ceremony.

Whether you have been married for 1 year or 60 years a Renewal of Wedding Vows Ceremony is personal to you both! Maybe its your Wedding Anniversary approaching and you want to do something different? Why not commit to one another again by Renewing your Wedding Vows in Paphos / Cyprus.

Whatever your reason for Renewing Your Vows, it’s a fantastic time to relive your big day without the nerves from the original Wedding Day. We can organise whatever you require, maybe a lovely relaxed Restaurant on the evening!


Think about the promises and vows you would like to make to one another, this is a wonderful opportunity to capture the essence of your relationship.


Include Music, Poetry, Readings and will enhance your Ceremony to make it personal to one another.

Special Gift

Maybe a “special gift” to one another can be given.


Children can take part in the Ceremony too.

Whatever your choice to renew your weddings vows in Paphos / Cyprus, we can organise to suit you both, family and friends if they are travelling with you.

If you don’t know where to start we are more than happy to guide and help you bring your “Dream” to life!
We are waiting to start planning your “Renewal of Wedding Vows Ceremony” today, so drop us an e mail or give us a call.